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We need Full, Complete and Detailed specifications of your indicator, scan, exploration and/or Trading System Requirements. These Details must be Complete and Comprehensive to avoid wasted time in understanding the details of your system.

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We can code your Requirements in AFL , which is generally Quicker, Cheaper and when well written perfectly appropriate for the vast majority of requirements . Alternatively we can code them as an AmiBroker Compatible DLL in C++ or C#/.NET as appropriate.

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We will deliver the code to the best of our abilities from the specification you provide.We will deliver the product only after multiple testing process. If we unable, for whatever reason, to complete and deliver your code any deposits paid by you will be promptly refunded in full.

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Comely Technologies provide Professional Strategy Writing Service to develop Customized Financial Trading Strategies Which can be used in Amibroker or Meta Trader 4 Platform. You have to provide your detailed Requirements to get a Quotation. Your ideas and knowledge will be safe with us and we will not disclose any of your details and strategies to others. We will code any complex algorithms which you do it manually. Automating the Strategies in Amibroker or MT4 Platform will help you to test the previous data and Validate the Strategies.

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We have a professional team to write Amibroker Strategies as per your Requirements

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